Why Standards?

  • Cleaning Standards that promote and protect Public Health Globally
  • Fair Contract and Procurement Practices
  • Fair and Equitable Contract Pricing and Performance Matrix
  • Fair Wages for Cleaning personnel
  • Regulated Performance Standards and Professional Curriculum

As a coalition of industry professionals, educators, scientist, product specialist and clean team members. TNKA envisions that if the Cleaning and Sanitizing of Environments is executed in a GLOBAL systematic manner, the health, lifestyle, and wellness of all people will be prolonged. OSHA in 2004, more than 10 years ago, obligated employers to provide a safe work place for their employees, including the provisions to ensure infectious disease control procedures were performed. To date their has been no progress. TNKA says protection is needed Nationwide because people frequent public spaces everyday, all day throughout the world. However, there has not been such legislation or accredited curriculum, or universal standards to ensure proper training. Also, its important that every entity is performing these critical task to the highest standard.


Time, Training or Resources


For a Unified, Regulated, Cleaning Standard


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Cleaning Industry Facts

100 %

Regulations NEEDED Globally

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Turnover Rate

95 %

Request Standardized Training

11 %

Increase per year when trained

Membership has its advantages!!!!  

One hundred percent of the members’ dues are tax-deductible contributions utilized for charitable, educational and scientific purposes for environmental safety management.  Additionally, as a member you’ll have access to the Annual Conference, Meetups, Business Certifications, Professional Development, Group Purchasing Discounts from vendors for Cleaning and Office Supplies, Health Insurance, Hotels, Technology, Equipment, Rental Vehicles, Entertainment, Mobile Phones, VOIP and more.

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